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Jersey Milk

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Raising Berry College’s Jersey Cows sustainably and offering handcrafted, high-quality dairy products to the Berry College and Rome communities, we at Jersey Milk proudly market a line of artisan cheeses made from wholesome Berry Jersey cow milk. Our award-winning Jersey herd produces high quality milk with high butter fat content and no added hormones or preservatives. We offer an array of unique flavors, including timeless classics and seasonal favorites. We are located in Westcott 113.

Our Products

Find flavors like Beddar than Cheddar, Jack and Dill, Applewood Smoked Gouda, Smoked Habanero and more for sale in The Shipyard, Berry’s campus retail store, at Berry Student Enterprises sales on campus, and at the Blue Tech Barn. During the summer months, visit us at the Cartersville Farmer's market.

Contact Us

Hunter Fossett, Farm Manager
Phone: 706.378.2930
Berry College P.O. BOX 495003


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